Black OPS is a clinic completely focused on the RED ZONE!


What's your philosophy in the Red Zone?

Does it change from week to week?

How do you beat man coverage, 7 across, bracket coverage?

What's your equalizer?

Do the defenses you play change in the Red Zone?

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Coach Doug Socha

Coach Socha is currently the Head Football Coach at Keiser University in South Florida. Socha has 20+ years coaching experience at the HS, JUCO, NAIA, D-1, and in the NFL. 


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Doug Socha

What to EXPECT with this clinic series...

  • Weekly Red Zone Breakdowns leading up to release (College/NFL Fillm)

  • Breaking down the RED ZONE into "Field Areas"

  • 4 Steps to follow each week in preparation

  • Practice Planning in the RED ZONE

  • RED ZONE Call Sheet

  • Available Saturday February 1st
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