(4) 3rd Down Plays for Summer 7 on 7 to Practice

7 On 7 This Summer

Most High School teams will participate in 7 on 7 this summer in tournaments, weekly passing leagues, and friendly competition with schools nearby. This is a great opportunity to put together some "KEY PLAYS" that will help you WIN this FALL. 3rd Down, 4th Down Must Gets, and in the RED ZONE!

"Have to Convert on 3rd DOWN"

1. 2-3

2. 4-6

3. 7-10

4. 11+

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"4 Verticals"

The "4 Verts" has excellent options on 3rd down and is good vs. all coverage's. The QB must read MOFO or MOFC and will make his reads.

  • MOFO= Bender to RB

  • MOFC=Seams to RB

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"3x1 Motion Mesh"

The "Mesh" play is a great play to get match-ups across the field. A lot of GREEN GRASS for your route runners to work with. QB can "Peek" the RB and go to "Mesh" area and read LB drops. The "Mesh Routes" also create nice rubs.

  • Peek RB

  • Mesh Area

  • Big Post-Alert Cover 4

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See the Other 2 Plays on Resource Page

"Mirrored Sticks"


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