5 Key Offensive Line Drills for the Run Game

Winning on the Line of Scrimmage

We all know the importance of the play on the Line of Scrimmage! The development of your Offensive Line is Key to your teams success. It begins with the basic fundamentals and the "Physical Play" of your Offensive Line.

"It all starts Up Front"

1. Drive Phase

2. Boards with Strikes

3. 6-Point Explosion

4. Double Teams

5. Crowther Drill with Board

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"Drive Phase"

The "Drive Phase" is obviously very important. OL Must get trained in this position for your OL to get movement.

  • Flat Back

  • Head Up

  • Short Quick Steps

"Boards with Strikes"

Great drill to keep your OL in the right position while driving a defender. The board helps keep the integrity of your leverage and footwork.

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"6 Point Explosion"

This drill trains your OL to come out of their hips and extend their hands and arms. .

"Double Teams"

Double Teams are key in all Offenses and must be developed through repetition in drill work. Getting your Offensive Line to create movement at the point of attack is key.

  • Backside Double Teams

  • Frontside Double Teams

"Crowther Drill with Board"

This drills will train the OL to stay on track and fight pressure with pressure.

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