Zone Wrap Scheme


Inside Zone blocking with a fullback wrapping (avoiding) the QB Read (C Gap Defender) key. We will show you video using 1 and 2 wrappers. The "Wrapping" fullback becomes a lead blocker for your QB when his read squeezes and he keeps.

2 Fullbacks

Fullbacks "wrap" the QB Read in "C" gap and get to 2nd level defenders. The Play design is excellent with each of the backside #'s being accounted for.

Vs. Squeeze and Scrape

Wrap Zone Reads are very effective against teams that want to fit your Inside Zone with a defensive end squeezing and LB "scraping".

Keys to Play

1. Offensive Line gets movement on "Inside Zone"

2. QB Reads "C Gap" for give or pull

3. Wrappers avoid "C" gap and gets to 2nd Level LB's for lead blocks for QB

QB Reads the "C Gap Defender"

"Read Zone" Concept where QB Reads the C Gap while full back wraps for scraping LB.

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RPO to Single Sided WR

Offense executes the "Wrap Read" and DB's get nosy and come off of WR's and opportunity for RPO to Wr.

***Wrapper should avoid contact as long as possible to avoid blocking down field on a pass play.

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