Running Counter with a "Wrinkle"

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Counter has been a very POPULAR play over the last few seasons. We have seen more and more teams utilizing this "PHYSICAL PLAY" complementing other "GAP SCHEMES". Teams also utilize some excellent PLAY-ACTION with this run game and the "RPO's" have become a staple with this play.

Front-side of "Counter"

The front-side is basically just "POWER" with a double team and block back by center.

"Counter with a Wrinkle"

We will look at nice change up to your traditional "COUNTER PLAY" with guard and tackle pulls. The use of the "SNIFFER BACK" or Full back has become very popular and utilized in Zone and Gap Schemes.

Traditional Counter

  • Guard and Tackle pull

"Sniffer Back" Counter

  • Guard Kicks out

  • Sniffer Pulls for 2nd Level

"Sniffer Back" Wrinkle

  • Sniffer Kicks out

  • Tackle Pulls for 2nd Level

"Sniffer Back" Wrinkle

  • Sniffer Kicks out

  • Tackle Pulls for 2nd Level

"Sniffer Back" Wrinkle

  • Physical Run Play

  • Change up to Traditional Counter

  • H Back is Kick out, Tackle is Wrap for 2nd level

DART RPO: Click Here

"Sniffer Back" Wrinkle

  • More Examples of

"Counter Wrinkle"

"Sniffer Back" Play-Action

  • Using the same "Jet Motion"

  • Play-Action

  • Tackle goes first on Play-Action for protection


  • Technique helps get "kickout" on edge

  • Tackle "set-bluffs" to freeze defender

  • Continues inside to assignment


  • Excellent "complement" to JET Sweep

  • TB in "lead position" for JET Sweep and becomes 2nd Puller for Counter

  • Great QB Run Play

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