"High % Quick Game"

High % Quick Game

Utilizing Quick game in your "Offensive Play Menu" can add some highly productive plays. This type of "passing game" is much more simple for your QB over drop back passing game.

Base Play out of 2x2

The "Double Outs" is a very HIGH % passing game because it is an easy "Outside-In Read" with answers to beat every coverage. We will focus on running this out of a 2x2 formation. Using 10, 11, 20, and even 21 personnel groups.

QB Read

The QB will key the CB for soft coverage. He will start outside-in and throw to the WR first.

Soft Coverage=Horizontal Stretch on OLB

Press Coverage=Conversion by #1 and "Locked" by #2 (QB FIND BEST MATCH-UP)

Cover 2= High-Low on CB with #1 converting for a "hole shot" possibility.

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Wide Receiver Route-Coaching Points

WR-Vertical push to 5 yards and Speed cut to 6 (Conversions Available vs. Coverage)

Slot-Vertical push to 5 yards and "stick-cut" based on defender over you (locked route)

Adjustments vs. Press Coverage

The inside route is "locked" and will always be an stick/out route.

The outside receiver vs. Press will convert to a "Takeoff" with the possible "back shoulder" throw.

Vs. Cover 2 turns into a "must" go route. Must outside release.

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"Sniffer Back" Quick Game

Using a "fullback or H back" as a 2nd or slot receiver is good for breaking your tendencies in those personnel groups by "free" releasing them.

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