Black OPS: Game Planning in the RED ZONE

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

What to EXPECT with this clinic series...

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Black OPS

Black OPS will be a clinic completely focused on the RED ZONE. Game planning in the RED ZONE is one of the most important phases you have to do each and every week.

What to EXPECT:

  1. Weekly RED ZONE breakdowns leading up to release.

  2. Breakdown the RED ZONE into "Field Areas"4 Steps to Follow each week in preparation

  3. Practice PlanningRED ZONE

  4. Call Sheet

  5. Game Film Review

4 Key Steps to Follow in Game Planning

Minnesota-Tunnel Screen in Red Zone

Clemson-Naked T-Slip

QB RUN GAME RPO (Inside Zone-Post-Snap RPO)

What to EXPECT with this clinic series...

Visit the Black OPS Page


  • The Drill Library has 100’s of drills and is a very highly used tool on our site. Drills will be added beginning March 1st.

ALL 22 VAULT: Want to study TOP Offenses and Defenses?

  • The ALL 22 VAULT will be loaded with film for each member of your staff to study.

  • Want to watch LSU? Oklahoma? Ohio State? Clemson? Memphis? UCF? Alabama? +++Many More


NEW FOR 2020

Trench Warfare- OL/DL Section

Super '20 Clinic Series

Black OPS-Game Planning in the RED ZONE

Play FAST Series III-3rd Edition of the Clinic Series

Drill Library- New drills added for 2020

Blogs/Mini Clinics

QBD-Quarterback Website for members

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