Maximizing the Use of your Tight End

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Using your Tight Ends and Formations

If your lucky to have a Tight End or maybe 2 then this will help you see that he may be your best "WEAPON" in your Offense if used correctly. Moving your TE around and finding the match-ups against the defense or finding "holes" and using him as a big Target can be a big part of your offense.

Maximizing the Use of your Tight End

1. Use him as a blocker to "Set the Edge" in the run game

2. Big Target vs. LB's in underneath zones

3. Mis-match in coverage vs. LB's

4. Big Target in Middle of Field (Stretching the Middle of the field)

5. Utilize in Screen Game

"Winning Underneath"

The "Big" body TE has a chance to find holes underneath and win 1 on 1 battles vs. LB's.

"Screen Game"

The "Big" body TE can get lost in the Screen game and the defense never expects a screen to the Tight end.

"Stretching the Field"

The "Big" body TE can stretch the field vertically and is a mis-match on LB's. The middle of the field is very under utilized.

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