Packaged Play in the "Red Zone"

Packaging Plays

This is becoming more popular than ever and in the "REDZONE" it can really give your Offense an advantage, Calling "One Play" with Options depending on how the defense reacts. Man or Zone Coverage, front based, movement to motion, or any variable you want to attack.

"Push Motion Swing: Man or Zone Read"

1. Use Trips formation (3x1)

2. Push motion TB to trips side

3. WR's run "Spacing Routes" with #1 looking to "RUB" for tailback or find a "HOLE"

MAN/ZONE Read Concept

"Swing-Spot vs. Man"

#1 WR must identify who is covering TB in man coverage and go create "RUB".

"Swing-Spot vs. Zone"

Vs. Zone: QB can read underneath coverage for "Spacing of WR's". #1 must find hole.

"Zone-Pitch: Packaged Play"

1. Use "Squeezed Formation"

2. QB will read BSLB for movement

3. Slot moves split flow and must be prepared for "pitch"

4. Backside slot/sniffer can shove "C GAP" and look to secure outside

"Zone-Pitch Packaged Play"

This can be an excellent play in the "REDZONE" with an option for Outside zone or a Mis-direction "Pitch" to backside.

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