Using Push Motion to Enhance your Offense


Push motion is "FAST" motion out of backfield to perimeter. The offense is trying to make the defense adjust quickly to "fit" the perimeter or the ball goes there with #'s advantage to the offense.


1. Make the Defense adjust!

(Not only do they have to fit the JET SWEEP but "PUSH MOTION" is a great way to make the defense work)

2. Get ball on perimeter FAST!

3. Wears a defense down FAST!

Complements to PUSH MOTION?

1. Seam throws when defense over pursues.

2. QB Run Game with #'s advantage

3. Other Quick, Drop Back Pass, or Screen options

4. Easily complement something to backside if defense adjusts.

Even #'s on 1st Level

"Fast" Push motion puts pressure on the defense to fit the perimeter. If they do not adjust in time the offense will have an advantage. You have a chance to "WIN" on the perimeter and get your "PLAY-MAKERS" in space.

Complement to "Push Motion"

The first adjustment for when the defense over "pursues", you put a slot/TE in the seam area for and easy completion.

Complement to "Push Motion"

Here you will see the defense get very nosy with the "Push Motion" and all eyes are on it leaving 1 on 1 match-ups backside with a lot of space.

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