Why Use a "Sniffer Back"

Sniffer Back

The "Sniffer" back is a hybrid of a Fullback and Tight End. This player can be involved in the "Run Game" and can be used as a threat in the "Passing Game"

Reasons to use a "Sniffer Back"

1. 2 Back Running Game

2. Forces Defense to "add to the box" (RPO's, Play-Action)

3. Vertical and Horizontal Threat in the Passing Game

"2 Back Running Game"

The use and alignment of the "sniffer" allows your offense to use multiple run schemes like "Power", "Counter", "Zone Schemes".

Throwing off of +1

When your offense is running the ball effectively it will force the defense to add +1 to the box. This gives your offense excellent Play-Action and RPO opportunities.

""Passing Game to the Sniffer"

There are excellent passing game opportunities to the "sniffer" whether it is Play-Action, RPO's, Quick Game, and even drop back pass.

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