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  2. 2018/2019 Offensive Line Series

  3. 2018/2019 Play FAST Series

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2018 Clinics

1. Screen Game/Top Drop Back Pass 2. Championship Game Planning 3. No Huddle Communication 4. RPO's: Pre and Post Snap 5. 4-2-5 Defense:Disguising Cov. 6. Defense WINS Championships 7. FireZones and Disguising 8. 3-4 Defense: Base Defense 9. 3-4 Defense: 3rd Down Pressures 10. 3-4 Defense: 20 PNL Sniffer Fits 11. Red Zone Defense

2019 Clinics

1.Using Push Motion in Run/Pass 2. Snag Concept 3. 2 Point Conversions 4. Using Heavy Run Sets 5. Air Raid: Mesh 6. Air Raid: Shallow 7. Playing 0 and Hot Coverages 8. Trips Coverage's 9. Split Field Coverage's 10. Pressuring RPO's 11. Defending FlexBone

2018 O Line Series

"Double Screens" Roy Istvan Philadelphia Eagles

"Tight Zone" Zak Kromer LA Rams

"Gap Run Game" Roy Istvan Philadelphia Eagles

2019 O Line Series

"One Back Power" Dale Williams Purdue University

"Pin and Pull" Dale Williams Purdue University

"Inside Zone System" Ryan McDonald Indian Creek HS (Indiana)

"Power Run System" Ryan McDonald Indian Creek HS (Indiana)

"Single Pull Schemes/Drills" Matt Gray Mentor HS (Ohio)

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2018 Play FAST

Part 1 "No Huddle Communication"

Part 2 "One Word Calls"

Part 3 "RPO's and Gifts"

Part 4 "Maximizing Your Screen Game"

2019 Play FAST

Part 1 "# System and Tags"

Part 2 "Spear RPO"

Part 3 "Mesh Screen"

***Additional Cut-Ups with this clinic.

Drill Library

This is a NEW addition for 2019. Coaches LOVE our library and we update it every week.



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