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XO Clinics was founded in 2018 by Coach Doug Socha with the mission to connect coaches with a membership community of resources .

XO Clinics Founder

  • High School, Junior College, D-1, NAIA, and NFL

  • College Record is 43-13 (76.7% WIN RECORD)

  • HS Record is 51-10 (83.6% WIN RECORD)

  • 2022 National Championship Appearance

  • 2016 Offensive Assistant for Buffalo Bills

  • 2013 and 2014 Florida Ind. State Champions

  • 2011 Florida State Championship

  • 6 Coach of the Year Awards

XO Clinics has maintained an affordable price point, ensuring that coaching staff from all budget ranges can participate in clinics together. Each year, XO Clinics introduces innovative new topics, expands its course offerings, and, of course, features clinics conducted by renowned high school coaches. Among the latest additions are The RPO Lab, The Game Plan, and The OC School.

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