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The OC School: Season 1 (FOUNDATION COURSE)

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The OC School gives you the TOOLS, STRATEGIES, and SECRETS you need to be a successful Offensive Coordinator. Coordinating an Offense has a lot of layers that must come together so the game day can be a success. ☑️Offensive DNA ☑️ Building Your Offensive Checklist ☑️ Personnel Groups ☑️ Formations, Motions, Shifts ☑️ 12 Formations You Must Have ☑️ How Much Run Game is Enough? ☑️ Building Your Play Families ☑️ How many plays do I need? 🗂️DNA Work Sheet (DOWNLOAD) 🗂️SWOT Analysis (DOWNLOAD) 🗂️Plan to WIN (DOWNLOAD) 🗂️ X's and O's Evaluation (DOWNLOAD) 🗂️ OC Checklist (DOWNLOAD) 🗂️ Personnel Groups (DOWNLOAD) ☑️ Using #'s to Your Advantage ☑️ Keys to Opponent Breakdown ☑️ Building Your Formation Sheets ☑️ RGP Process ☑️ PGP Process ☑️ 5 Critical Plays to Have ☑️ 5 High % Completions ☑️ Over Game Planning Prevention ☑️ The Big 3 in Game Planning ☑️ Building a Call Sheet ☑️ Breaking it Down: 3rd Down ☑️ How many 3rd Down plays do I need? ☑️ How to practice 3rd Down ☑️ Define the RED ZONE and 5 Questions to ask ☑️ How many RED ZONE plays do I need? ☑️ 3 Tips in the RED ZONE ☑️ How to practice in the RED ZONE ☑️ RED ZONE Call Sheet


Single Payment
4 Plans Available
From $59.00/year


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