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The Perfect Marriage (Second Edition)

  • 30Steps


Welcome to the Perfect Marriage! This course is solely focused on Counter and Screens. I believe these two plays are such a good compliment to each other that they belong together. So that is how we came up with the Perfect Marriage Second Edition! Counter has been around for a long time. This is PHYSICAL RUN at its best. This run game focuses on physical DOUBLE TEAMS at the POA. We have utilized GAP SCHEMES for years and our COUNTER RUN GAME complimented with COUNTER SCREEN took our OFFENSE to the NEXT LEVEL! Section 1 Counter Run Game Scheme Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Anatomy of Counter Chapter 3: Types of Counter Chapter 4: Ball Carrier Path/Ball Handling Variations Chapter 5: Vs. Over Chapter 6: Vs. Under Chapter 7: Vs. Odd (Adjustments) Chapter 8: Bear (Adjustments) Section 2 Counter Screens Chapter 9: Introduction Chapter 10: Anatomy of the Counter Screen Chapter 11: How to Practice the Counter Screen Chapter 12: Counter Screen Breakdown #1 Chapter 13: Counter Screen Breakdown #2 Chapter 14: Counter Screen Breakdown #3 Chapter 15: Counter Screen Breakdown #4 Chapter 16: Counter Screen Breakdown #5 Chapter 17: Counter Screen Breakdown #6 Chapter 18: Counter Screen Breakdown #7 Section 3 Counter Run Game Breakdowns Chapter 19: Counter Breakdown #1 (QB BASH) Chapter 20: Counter Breakdown #2 Chapter 21: Counter Breakdown #3 Chapter 22: Counter Breakdown #4 Chapter 23: Counter Breakdown #5 Chapter 24: Counter Breakdown #6 Chapter 25: Counter Breakdown #7 Chapter 26: Counter Breakdown #8 Chapter 27: Counter Breakdown #9 Chapter 28: Counter Breakdown #10 Chapter 29: Counter Breakdown #11 Chapter 30: Counter Breakdown #12


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