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The OC School: Season 2

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The OC School gives you the TOOLS, STRATEGIES, and SECRETS you need to be a successful Offensive Coordinator. Coordinating an Offense has a lot of layers that must come together so the game day can be a success. 10 Ways to Maximize Your Offense ➡️S2W1: Welcome to 2023 Plan to WIN Review Season 1 Red Zone Self Scout ➡️S2W2: Maximizing Your QB in the Run Game 5 Reasons to Run your QB Zone Read, Called Runs, Speed Option ➡️S2W3: Pure Progression Passing Game YES/NO Progression Post-Curl-Flat Practice Install ➡️S2W4: UNSTOPPABLE Quick Game Intro to "Lookie" Stick-Lookie Shock-Lookie ➡️S2W5: Arrow RPO + Jerk Jerk Route Arrow Clips Bonus Material ➡️S2W6: Call Sheet Scripting your Openers Scripting 3rd Down 1-2 (Short Yardage) ➡️S2W7: Using Tempo in Your Offense (Part or Identity) One Word Calls Indy Series Mechanics of TEMPO Tempo DECEPTIVE Play ➡️S2W8: Moving Your QB Movement Protection Basic Concepts MICHAEL JORDAN Automatic ➡️S2W9: Using EMPTY and WHY Best Placement of PLAY-MAKERS 5 Exotic Empty Formations ➡️S2W10: Game Day Staff Responsibilities OC Responsibilities Half Time Adjustments Intro to BOX Calls Box Call Examples ➡️BONUS MATERIAL 3rd Down Passing Game 4 Verticals


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